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Architects & Developers

Technology has become an integral part of the design of today’s modern homes. As an architect or developer you will no doubt be attracted to a system that can both improve the aesthetics of a home and enhance the homeowner’s living experience.

The benefits of an automated property are endless. By adding automation you will be future-proofing your development and safeguarding your client’s investment. Whether you are interested in laying an infrastructure for the future, or wish to install a fully working automated system, StudioMatrix can work with you and your client to fulfil your requirements.

At StudioMatrix, we pride ourselves on a close working relationship with many architects and developers around the country. We offer solutions to suit a wide range of projects, from individual renovations to large, multi-property developments.

We compile retail packages that can be offered to potential buyers, from basic upgradeable systems to comprehensive solutions. These packages allow your clients to choose the functionality that meets their needs, which saves you time and money.

Our team will also give you a comprehensive demonstration of the complete solutions you are proposing to your client, enabling you to experience the benefits for yourself. Working with a set of your layout and design plans, we can build a system which suits the aesthetic designed for a home and propose home theatre or hi-fi systems that will meet your client’s needs.

As a registered CEDIA member we are also proud to offer CEDIA accredited CPD courses for architects, giving an insight into how automation works, as well as the commercial and environmental benefits.


By being CEDIA certified, Studio Matrix, shows its commitment to our customers and our industry to provide the most professional home theater, audio, and video installations possible. We train our technicians to maintain high standards on a continual basis.