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At StudioMatrix we pride ourselves on our professional demonstrations. We are well known for our CEDIA-accredited, clean and neat onsite installations. All our solutions are custom-designed to meet your needs. Our solutions feature the latest in cutting-edge technology. We are focused on energy efficiency, sustainability and cost-of-ownership.

Our two in store, state of the art studios are set up with everything from entry level to top of the range home theatre and hi-fi systems. This display allows each customer to experience a full range of equipment before making the purchasing decision.

When shopping for upscale systems, you deserve the very best demonstrations to make informed choices. We deliver high quality presentations on our products on a consistent basis.

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, we conduct a home visit. We view the room to assess acoustics, layout and sound proofing and make a recommendation on the size and style of equipment and solution required.

Our custom installation business is thriving and we set a very high standard in home theatre and hi-fi systems, often as large as turnkey cinema solutions. The successful completion of larger projects requires more than just design skills. We have PMI-accredited experience in project management and pay a significant amount of attention to the visual integration of all equipment. We meet interior design requirements and ensure that cabling, plugs and conduits do not detract from the room’s aesthetics.

We focus on supplying the best solution within the allocated budget to suite our customers needs.


By being CEDIA certified, Studio Matrix, shows its commitment to our customers and our industry to provide the most professional home theater, audio, and video installations possible. We train our technicians to maintain high standards on a continual basis.