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Home Theatre

At Studio Matrix we will help you realise your dream of having a cinema in your home. Working with your architect, interior decorator and builder as acoustic consultants and project managers, Studio Matrix will ensure a fit with your furniture, seating and lighting. We work within your budget and style to deliver a home theatre that suits you, by selecting the optimal format combined with the correct mix of equipment for your needs. 

With starting packages from as little as R12,970.00 for an Onkyo A/V receiver and DVD player and Polk Audio satellite speaker set with sub-woofer through to what ever your budget or need determines. Our systems allow you to upgrade as your budget allows. We provide a complete consultation, installation and after sales service, which leaves you to enjoy your system to the full with complete peace of mind. 

The best home theatres are not about the components, but rather the physical relationship between the speakers and environment. Studio Matrix achieves a balance between listener, equipment and room.

We prefer to get involved with the architect and designer up front, to make sure that the parts all work together in an acoustic whole, which makes your dream theatre come alive. Too often we are called by customers who have spent thousands of Rand on a home theatre but have made mistakes. From choosing the wrong room, placing the equipment or seating in the wrong place, not optimising the space or just using the wrong equipment, the errors impede the delivery of sound quality you have paid for. We can fix these errors for you. This is why we do it right the first time!

Home Theatre

Multi-Room Soloutions

Customers often ask us whether they need to buy more than one hi-fi system to be able to listen to music in more than one room. At Studio Matrix we install multi-room systems, allowing different family members to do their own thing in different rooms or zones. On those long summer afternoons, when your family and friends visit en mass and want to move freely through your living space, they can. If one group is in the kitchen, one on the patio, one at the pool, you can add background music to all these areas to ensure the right ambience. 

You have the facility to control room lighting, open and close curtains or take care of house security with multi room systems. Operation is managed from a user-friendly in-wall unit, the size of a light switch, or by table-top interactive controllers. 

Whether home theatre means a cosy corner of your living room or a dedicated room with authentic home theatre seating, our system design process makes it easy to find a solution that fits your home perfectly. Setup is easier and more affordable than you ever imagined. Our home theatre systems provide a unique lifestyle and user experience to every home owner looking for the latest trends in cutting-edge technology and home entertainment.

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High Fidelity Systems

StudioMatrix offers high fidelity (hi-fi) separates or components with a proven record of producing exceptional quality sound. We take you right inside the concert hall, the club or the recording studio, recreating the atmosphere, emotion and pleasure of the original performance

High Fidelity
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